Don't Let Chronic Insomnia Steal Your Joy

Overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving restorative sleep.

Constantly feeling unrefreshed, or can’t seem to fall or stay asleep? Having difficulty concentrating, functioning at school/work, or falling asleep behind the wheel? We can provide holistic solutions to help you regain your livelihood and freedom.

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How We Can Address Chronic Insomnia

We make it easy for patients and physicians to take strides toward the proper care with our simple referral and intake process.
Our providers can treat both children and adults with individualized care based on your health goals.

High quality testing

Natural interventions


Lifestyle changes

Comprehensive approach

Concierge care

Meet Dr. Michel Jeannot
Speciality: Sleep Medicine


Welcome to the home of Holistic Solutions For Chronic Insomnia, where your journey to a rejuvenated life begins. Dr. Michel Jeannot, a distinguished expert in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine and internal medicine is your dedicated partner on the path to optimal health. With fluency in multiple languages including Spanish, English, French, and Creole, Dr. Jeannot ensures that every patient feels understood and cared for.

Dr. Jeannot’s reputation precedes him. He is not just a physician; he’s a beacon of hope, a healer of souls, and a scientist delving into the mysteries of sleep. With years of experience, he stands at the forefront of medical innovation, combining his expertise with an unwavering commitment to patient care. His patients adore him for his compassionate approach, delivering not just results but also solace.

Making Payment Easy

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The Value of Our Approach

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