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Dr. Michel Jeannot
Speciality: Sleep Medicine


Transformative Holistic Solutions for Chronic Insomnia


As the landscape of healthcare evolves, so too must our approach to chronic insomnia. Dr. Michel Jeannot, MD, ABSM, a distinguished expert board-certified in sleep medicine and pulmonary medicine, leads a transformative program offering a comprehensive and distinctive approach to combat chronic insomnia. Our initiative stands apart by liberating individuals from persistent sleep struggles without resorting to conventional sleeping pills. Instead, we amalgamate the latest advancements in sleep neuroscience, personalized medicine, life coaching, and a multifaceted psychotherapeutic strategy. Our unique holistic methodology not only aims to break the cycle of chronic insomnia but also empowers individuals to build mental fortitude, emotional resilience, and adopt lifestyle modifications conducive to stress management.

Innovative Approach and Differentiation:

One of the standout features of our program lies in the utilization of cutting-edge EEG technology to precisely evaluate the percentage of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep—a pivotal phase essential for emotional regulation often impacted by specific antidepressant medications. When considering pharmacological intervention, we go beyond conventional approaches by employing genomic testing to assess medication efficacy. This evaluation encompasses the impact on both REM sleep and the vital restorative Deep phase (stage 3) of sleep. For example, while benzodiazepines, a common prescription, may alleviate sleep issues, they often compromise stage 3 sleep, leading to daytime fatigue, reduced concentration, and irritability. Similarly, select antidepressants can exacerbate insomnia and diminish REM sleep. Consequently, we advocate for a nuanced approach, viewing pharmacological therapy as a short-term solution, with a primary focus on long-term strategies like psychotherapy.

Value Addition and Client-Centric Approach:

Our program adds substantial value by providing personalized care that prioritizes individual needs and circumstances. By integrating diverse therapeutic modalities, we not only address the immediate concerns but also equip our clients with essential life skills to manage stress, fortify mental wellness, and navigate the complexities of chronic insomnia. Furthermore, while our approach emphasizes reducing reliance on medication, we acknowledge that certain clients with chronic psychiatric conditions may require maintenance medications, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive, individualized care.


In an era where sleep health is paramount, our program spearheaded by Dr. Michel Jeannot stands at the forefront, pioneering holistic solutions that transcend conventional methodologies. By merging groundbreaking scientific insights with personalized care and a forward-thinking approach, we empower individuals to overcome chronic insomnia while enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

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